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Triple C farms of Jupiter

One of the constant tasks a photographer has, is to scout for good shooting locations.  It’s great fun and takes you out and about and this was no exception.  My crazy friend, Katherine Tingle, was roped in to help me find a “barn” for a specific commission and she managed to dig up a link to Triple C farms.  I did a cold call to the number on the website and met, telephonically, the lovely Joan Caruso.  “Sure, we’d love to have you come and shoot here – come on out and take a proper look around anytime!” was her response.  I needed no second invitation and headed out to Jupiter Farms.

Commercial photography
Gorgeous stalls in the beautiful barn where every stall has CCTV installed and owners can log in to check on their horses 24/7

What a gorgeous barn and stabling facility she and her husband, John, have set up.  John has carved this immaculate livery stable out of a dense, unforgiving, indigenous wilderness and it is lovely.  They are an industrious couple who don’t settle for anything less than perfect – the barn, stalls, practice arena, paddocks and camps at Triple C farms are testament to this.

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Beautifully maintained paddocks and arenas

The farm boasts chickens, cows, cats, horses, dogs to name but a few of the charming features.  All of these pale into insignificance when my clients’ children lay eyes on Mini Pearl for the first time!  She’s a tiny, perfect little grey pony who John and Joan acquired for their granddaughters.  She’s so little that she can’t see over the normal stable door so observes the passing world through her own “window”.  The little girls have such fun on her and recently clipped a heart on her rump!  She stars in most of the Christmas family shoots which we did at the farm.

Family Photography
The gorgeous little grey pony Mini Pearl, a firm favourite with all the families
Family photography
Even the Dad’s fall in love with Mini Pearl!

There are a number of beauties including Dallas, a young Palomino Quarterhorse with an attitude and plenty of sass, Aladdin, a stately gentleman who tolerates all of the adoration heaped on him and Mitch, a Quarterhorse with a lightning fast spin in the arena but a lovely temperament with the public.


Website Photography
The young Quarterhorse with sass, Dallas
Website photography
The resident bull who keeps an eye on his cows and calves
Website photography
Big and gentle Aladdin who is kind to all including the littlest people

It has been an absolute pleasure working at Triple C farms and if you have any time on your hands, the kids need a day out, want riding lessons, or you need a really lovely home for your horse, contact Joan and she’ll invite you out in a heartbeat to come and “look-see”.


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