Senior portrait photography

Senior and Graduation photographers

Every year graduation season begins around the end of March and it’s normally a festive and proud time for teachers, parents, and students – a busy season for Senior and Graduation photographers.  In 2020, however, things changed.

Graduation Photography
Sam may have missed a physical graduation but it didn’t detract from the delight!

Covid19 changed our history in a way that nobody could have expected and humanity had to rethink how we live our daily lives.  In the US this meant the graduates and their celebrations had to be re-engineered.  Virtual graduations were born and for photographers the zoom lens has become indispensable  in capturing the grads in their finery.  It’s given us a new, creative perspective which has been well received.

Zoom, House Party and various other virtual meeting tools   have grown out of this pandemic and have facilitated sharing these proud moments with our friends and family – the show has gone on!

The true worth of these amazing people who teach our children has been spotlighted during this very tough time.

Hilarious perspective on doing a teachers job

It’s their dedication and commitment that has enabled innumerable students to achieve the goal of graduating with their moment  being documented by senior and graduation photographers in new ways.

Graduation and Senior photography
Ethan did a great job graduating this year

To these heroes we all say:  “Thank You”.  My special prayer is that when we get back to some semblance of normality post-Covid, this will not be forgotten and these educators critical to the future of the nation and the world will be treated with the respect they deserve.

Graduation photography
The zoom lens comes in very handy when capturing the moment of sheer glee at St Clare Catholic School

Congratulations to the class of 2020!

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