jane ferraris family portrait photography

Family portrait photography is often underrated

Brooke McKenzie Amador contacted us at Blue Mermaid Photography for a family portrait shoot.  What tugged at my heartstrings was the fact that her lovely dad had been diagnosed with a recurring bout of cancer so they wanted the photographs before his treatment started. This blog is my way of reiterating how important family portrait photography is.

jane ferraris family portrait photography
The gorgeous capture of Gramps and Gran with their beautiful brood of grandchildren – a record forever

An absolutely love-drenched, joyful and beautiful shoot was the result.  What a delightful family to work with!  The sisters and their families are so tight-knit  to their mom and dad that it was truly a lesson in family bonds and an absolute pleasure to work with.

jane ferraris family portrait photography
The MacKenzie’s with their beautiful daughters

The most important thing about this shoot is that the family now have a wonderful, happy,  up-to-date record of themselves which can be cherished for a long time to come.  Too often people underestimate the importance of family portraits and this is only realised when it’s too late and a beloved member of the family is no longer with them.  I have heard so many heartbreaking stories where this has happened that it has become a mission of both mine and Covi’s to get as many families in front of our lenses as possible to avoid this.

jane ferraris family portrait photography
Gran and the girls, three generations, all equally gorgeous

The session can be as simple as a mini which will take us 20 minutes and give you a small number of gorgeous, candid shots to keep forever or you can take a full session which could last as long as a couple of hours.  This is tailored to your specific requirements and can mean that a number of locations are used for the shoot or that you have the complete extended family involved and we incorporate micro family portraits within the extended family portrait, giving you a huge range of beautiful frames for everyone to have and to cherish for years to come – until the next session, that is.



jane ferraris family portrait photography
Individual micro family portraits are as lovely as the extended family
jane ferraris family portrait photography
Just the grandchildren, so precious

Give us a call and let’s work together soon on your family portrait photography.

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