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Tori & Elvin’s early morning engagement photoshoot

The very best time of the day is early morning.  It is when the day is pregnant with possibility and the light is beautifully fresh, even in the sweltering Florida summer.  It was wonderful that Tori and Elvin wanted to do the engagement photoshoot early in the morning in Riverbend – I hit the jackpot!  We’ve been having so much rain in Jupiter lately that I was concerned but our day dawned perfectly dry and sunny.

janeferrarisphotography.com engagement photoshoot
Victorea and Elvin so perfectly suit one another

Admittedly, the bugs hadn’t read the memo to sleep in and we were soon joined by legions of mosquitoes and nosee’ems which sent us scurrying for cover to the tiki shelter.  We applied lots of bug spray and ventured out again with   much better results!  The brave couple did a great job and Tori’s mom and dad – Kathleen and David – were our support team with a battery operated fan, towels and liquid refreshments on demand!

janeferrarisphotography.com engagement photoshoot
Elvin being a true gentleman to his lady

Tori loves all things natural as well as being very artistic and Elvin, a yoga instructor with a very peaceful demeanor, were so easy to work with and the planets aligned to give us beautiful images.  They took my breath away and this is why I love doing the engagement and wedding shoots – there’s nothing like capturing pictures of people in love, it makes the day better.

As the morning started to warm up we moved with the shade and found a gorgeous backdrop of a moss draped tree that we just loved and the light just smiled on the couple.

janeferrarisphotography.com engagement photoshoot
Elvin taking Tori for a trip through the gentle giants of Riverbend

By the end of the morning, the two of them had decided that they would take the time to practice their first dance and I couldn’t help myself, sneaking in a few shots – great fun!  I love my job….

www.janferrarisphotography engagement photoshoot
The couple practicing some dance moves for the wedding

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