Covid19 porch portraits

Covid19 porch portraits

2020 should have come with a reset  button according to a lot of people – it’s just not been a great one so far… however, it has given rise to Covid19 porch portraits which will become memorabilia for generations to come.

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Jose & Andrea with their family of “pets” in glorious isolation!

Life as we know it, globally, is over and it feels like a weirdness button has been hit – HARD!  The year started on a high with the economy charging along robustly, everyone had a job – at least in the USA – and lots of excited students looking forward to Graduation season.  The whispers of a mysterious new illness out of China started to develop into alarm bells and the politicians tried hard to keep a lid on it but with no luck.  This wonderful world of social media makes it very hard to keep things under wraps any more and soon the horrifying news of this rampant disease and it’s spread through Northern Italy caught everyone’s attention.  Soon the economic impact started to be felt globally with borders closing, lockdowns happening, factories not operating and the list goes on.  The glaring cost of globalisation has been highlighted in no uncertain terms with lavatory paper and flour becoming highly sought-after commodities in the face of broken supply chains.

Covid19 Porch Portraits
Clint, Colleen and their brood seemed perfectly happy to be in isolation with each other!

The result: family units going into isolation in their homes and the basics of what really is important being rediscovered.  This is where I decided that Covid19 porch portraits are something which must be captured for posterity.  Armed with a long lens, a tripod and a cell phone I set out and got some really lovely shots of families in quarantine with only each other as a defense against this horrible disease stalking the world.

Covid19 porch portraits
Theresa and Tiffany, one of her daughters,  perfectly comfortable being together against the pandemic, grateful to the frontline helpers

What I saw wasn’t such a terrible thing – lots of smiles, lots of hugs and lots of love.

Covid19 porch portraits
Nicola, the boys and the menagerie have battened down their hatches against this awful threat and seem perfectly happy doing it.

God bless my Covid19 porch portrait families and please stay safe.

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