Holiday Christmas shoot

And 2017 is history…

2017 was my present for 365 days and now I can look back with hindsight and assess.

With huge excitement I launched myself at 2017 – so much potential and so much time.  It delivered a mixed bag.

The very best part of the year happened on September 15 with the birth of my glorious and precious grand daughter, Harper Wever.

Holiday Family Photography
Harper Wever

A whole blog could be written about this event:  her due date was on the day Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida so she seemed to brace herself and settled in to see out the storm arriving 9 days late, thank God.  No baby has been welcomed with more adoration and relief.

Holiday family photography
Dominique and Harper

Christmas proved to be the culmination of this little tyke’s welcome:  her entire family congregated, coming from Vienna, Austria; Empangeni, South Africa; Cape Town, South Africa; Karoo, South Africa and Jupiter, Florida.  A better festive season has never been celebrated by this family, to date.

Holiday Family photography
Our little Christmas elf

A new friendship with Covi Campbell Smith from Blue Mermaid Photography has developed into a really great partnership.  Covi is one of the very first people I met on my arrival in this country when she instantly recognised my accent – her husband is also South African.  She is a source of eternal fascination to me and has a soul more generous than anyone I’ve ever met.  We celebrated our first year of partnering in photography with an exceptional holiday season with a wonderful plethora of clients, all of whom are a joy to work with.




Holiday Family photography
The fun loving Amador family
Holiday family photography
Diego family PJ Christmas family shoot
Holiday family photography
Sisters Rosa and Ana
Holiday Family photography
Bernardin family shoot
Holiday Family photography
Tian Christmas family shoot

The season ended with Covi giving birth to her fourth beautiful baby:  a boy named Kairos.  The brave little soul arrived a tad early but all is good.

Another highlight of 2017 has been working for both ToniJade photography and Frank Donnino photography as 2nd photographer, doing weddings and mitzvah’s.  What an experience this has been!  The professionalism that these two operations have shown me is inspirational.  Timelines are critical, choosing your shot very carefully and making each one count is their mantra which is no wonder they are both such a success in their fields.

On the downside, we lost our precious little dog, Cindy, who died suddenly just after New Year.  I have written her obituary on FaceBook so won’t do it again but suffice is to say we were devastated.  RIP precious Cindirilli.

As previously mentioned, Hurricane Irma was a horrible experience but, thank God, we came through unscathed.  The year is done and 2018 has begun: it promises to be a great one so Happy New Year everyone.



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